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P400L - Robust welding machine for thin sheet welding

P400LFor the process of thin sheet welding, OTC DAIHEN EUROPE from Mönchengladbach has added a new model to the established Welbee series, with the new P400L welding power source. The machine is used for processing thin stainless-steel sheets in high-speed pulse mode.


Compared to similar devices, the multifunction power source is somewhat more generously dimensioned to provide increased protection for the electronics and thus increase the longevity of the built-in components. The manufacturer achieved this through the consistent separation of the electronics from the air-cooling circuit, resulting in a dust-tightness rating of 98%, thus improving indirect cooling of the electronics.


The high-speed processes of the P400L are designed for work with steel, galvanized steel sheets, chrome, nickel, or aluminum alloys in the thin sheet range. Whether gas- or water-cooled, the flexible welding machine can be operated in both standard and high-speed modes.


With a duty cycle of 60%, the welding machine operating in high-speed pulse mode offers the option of storing 100 jobs. The unit comes with a digital remote control and wire feeder, including a digital display, and offers a simplified calibration mode.



For more information, contact:
Katharina Klötergens, Marketing Assistant OTC DAIHEN EUROPE GmbH,
Tel.: +49 2161 69 49 7 - 261, Mail: Katharina.Kloetergens@otc-daihen.de




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