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Automatisierung mit Schweißtechnik

Schlüsselfertige Automatisierungslösungen für Systemhäuser und Händler

AnwendungSchweißen 1


Companies of the OTC DAIHEN EUROPE Group: Synergies in the European process


The OTC DAIHEN EUROPE Group manages the production, sales and service of all OTC products in Europe and employs a total of 280 people at its 3 locations and the two other partner companies.



OTC-LOGO NEUWith its three German locations, OTC DAIHEN EUROPE GmbH specializes in customized welding solutions and supports its European partners in the sale and service of OTC products such as robots, welding technology, plasma cutting power sources and torches. In addition, design and construction of robotic cells as well as demonstrations and test welds are part of their expertise.



Headquarter and locations in Germany: links in the heart of Europe


profil_standorte_profilThe location in Mönchengladbach was founded in 1982 and is also the company headquarters of OTC DAIHEN EUROPE GmbH, which employs 280 people with its total of 5 locations in the European region. The core tasks include above all the support of the European trade network in the areas of integration and quality control.




profil_standorte_standorte_deutschland_muenchenThe location in Munich was founded in 2016 and strengthens the position of OTC DAIHEN EUROPE GmbH in southern Germany. It mainly serves as a showroom and presents, in addition to welding robots/welding technology, the further portfolio of DAIHEN Corporation, for example components for solar energy generation or energy distribution systems.




profil_standorte_standorte_deutschland_mainhardtIn 2017, an additional location was opened in Mainhardt. The now second representative office of OTC DAIHEN EUROPE GmbH in Germany underlines the importance of the Central European region for international sales. Mainhardt serves mainly as an application center, as a large part of the demonstrations and test welds are carried out there. The immediate proximity to the domestic automotive industry in the Stuttgart area makes the branch office additionally attractive, especially since Mainhardt was also designed as a dedicated training center for OTC service technicians from the surrounding region.


The German locations of OTC DAIHEN EUROPE GmbH are mainly responsible for production, sales and service of OTC products such as robots, welding power sources, plasma cutting power sources and torches in the European area. In addition to the planning and construction of robot systems, demonstrations of test welds with robots and welding power sources are also carried out. However, the undisputed core competence of the sites located in the center of Europe is the support of sales and service for the European trade network.


OTC DAIHEN EUROPE as a subsidiary of the Japanese DAIHEN Corporation will continue to use the bundled competence of arc welding technology and system integration to further exploit the automation potential in the European business. Back in 2014, DAIHEN Corporation strengthened its position in the Eastern European market by acquiring the Slovenian welding equipment supplier VARSTROJ. Two years later, OTC DAIHEN EUROPE established a technical center in Mainhardt near Stuttgart to seek proximity to neighboring Central European regions and the automotive industry.


Against the backdrop of numerous automation projects in the areas of welding, handling, sealing and laser processing, the acquisition of LASOtech in February 2020 was a logical next step in order to be able to operate at the forefront not only in the European automotive industry, but also in other system-relevant industries.



Logo_DAIHEN Varstroj 15x2.jpgThe Slovenian company DAIHEN VARSTROJ, based in Lendava, has been an OTC DAIHEN EUROPE partner since 2014 and focuses significantly on demanding production tasks. This includes the production of OTC welding machines, CNC cutting machines and robot welding and cutting cells as well as the production of robot carriages and positioning technology.


>> To the website of DAIHEN VARSTROJ


profil_standorte_logo_lasotechLASOtech Systems GmbH, based in Suhl, Thuringia, is a specialist for robot system integration and has been part of the OTC DAIHEN EUROPE Group since the beginning of 2020. The core expertise of the company, founded in 2007, includes automation projects in the areas of welding, handling, sealing and laser processing.


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