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Multifunctional and safe: compact welding robot cell for workshop operations





Metalworking companies are increasingly looking for practical solutions on how to quickly and easily carry out welding tasks. For small quantities, however, automation systems for welding have so far been difficult to implement, from an economical point of view. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find qualified welders for manual processing.

OTC DAIHEN EUROPE has developed EASY ARC, a new mobile welding robot system for workshop operation, which meets the economic and pragmatic requirements. EASY ARC includes a compact welding robot with intuitive OTC Easy-Teach control, which offers the operator with the perfect weld seam, thanks to the integrated expert system and manufacturer’s own 400A MIG / MAG power source inverter.


The robot is mounted on a welding table that is prepared for holding standard clamping elements and equipped with rollers. The simple conversion of the system thus ensures appropriate flexibility in production.


The robot’s workspace is secured with electronic area monitoring. An additional lightweight housing provides the necessary safety-related glare and access protection. This combination entitles OTC DAIHEN to the CE certification for the entire system.
In order to change the clamping elements and to program the welding tasks, the containment component can be swung open, thereby allowing free access to the component and clamping elements.


Easy Arc 3 Easy Arc 5  




During the placement / assembly phase, the operator can use the electrically monitored front door to remove welded parts and insert new parts. During production, the containment component is closed. The welding process can be observed through transparent glare shield windows.

Easy Arc 6




The functions that are essential for a welding robot, such as commuting, automatic parameter suggestion function, 3-D copying function, menu-guided program check in forward and backward steps and much more, are also integrated in the basic version and can easily be activated via the touchscreen of the handheld device.


Easy Arc 7



Optionally, Easy ARC can be equipped with a fully integrated horizontal positioner (up to a 250 kg payload) to allow the component to rotate even during welding. In addition, versions for TIG welding with and without cold wire are equally available.




Adobe PDF


Download Folder EASY ARC (high resolution)



Adobe PDF


Download Folder EASY ARC (lower resolution / single pages)

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