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lasotech_1With the acquisition of LASOtech Systems GmbH from Suhl, Germany, the DAIHEN Group has further expanded its position in the growing European market. LASOtech is a German specialist for robot system integration, which complements OTC DAIHEN's range of services at crucial points. The start of this promising cooperation was duly celebrated on 7 February 2020 in the presence of the top management of OTC DAIHEN EUROPE and the DAIHEN Corporation.


Picture: LASOtech Managing Director Peter Beike and Kentaro Kaneko, Senior Vice President and Executive General Manager at DAIHEN Corporation



An investment in the future


Through this fusion, OTC DAIHEN EUROPE is well prepared for the challenges of the future. Since its foundation in 2007, LASOtech has made a name for itself as a production automation expert and has been a system house partner of OTC for many years. Due to its expertise in handling, sealing and laser processing technology as well as the automation of production plants, LASOtech is not only represented in the European automotive industry but also in other system-relevant industries.


lasotech_2From now on, the DAIHEN Group can use the combined competence in arc welding technology and system integration to strengthen its market position.


Picture: (from left to right:) Norihito Takahashi, Managing Director OTC DAIHEN EUROPE, Peter Beike, Managing Director LASOtech, as well as Kentaro Kaneko, Senior Vice President and Executive General Manager at DAIHEN Corporation and Norbert Kleinendonk, Managing Director OTC DAIHEN EUROPE





System-compatible solutions for Europe


Further cooperation is focused on using the expertise of both companies to achieve synergy effects for the distribution on the European market.


lasotech_3Picture: Celebration of the takeover of LASOtech by DAIHEN with company representatives


In Europe, the robotics industry is experiencing steadily growing demand, partly due to the global shortage of labour and the associated costs. There is an inevitable need for fully automated product lines, which include not only welding tasks but also handling and testing processes. To advance factory automation across industries, robots and peripheral equipment must be intelligently combined by system integrators such as LASOtech. In addition, a trend towards laser processing technology, which is characterized by particularly high speed and precision, has been observed in the European automotive industry in recent years. LASOtech has a wide range of experience in this field.


Through the use of handling applications, the system integrator from Thüringen, together with OTC, has made a good name for itself, especially in the pre- and post-processing of arc welding.


As a result of combining the two companies, they will be able to focus even better on the automation tasks of production lines and further expand their track record for system-compatible technologies.


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