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DPS II – New power source for thick sheet welding


DPSII_DV_webWith the DPS II model, OTC has launched a new power source for the automated thick sheet metal welding process, the one-sided chamfering of which reduces seam preparation to a minimum. It convinces with an immense saving of gas consumption, requires less wire and reduces rework due to less distortion.

The new power source is mainly being used in industrial sectors such as steel, ship, crane, agricultural machinery or container construction.


Compared to conventional welding processes, a decisive advantage is that in thick plate welding with OTC (the welding process at OTC is called D-ARC), a single automated welding pass is sufficient to fill the seam of thick plates.


The "Constant Penetration" function of the new power source ensures that the penetration depth of the welding wire is always maintained at a constant, while the wire length varies. Usually, the output current decreases in such cases, but via the DPS II welding machine, however, the current remains constant.


To connect a second machine in parallel to this welding power source is also possible.


Adobe PDF      Download the flyer for flyer zur DPS II here.




D-Arc-LogoLearn more about D-ARC, the automated thick sheet welding process at OTC.






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