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FH-H5(H)Maximum speed Robot for Handling with low payloads: FD-H5(H)

The FD Robot series for Production and Handling applications have several advantages: They fulfill their functions at high speed and accuracy.They are suitable for Grinding and Milling. Also applications like Palletizing and Spraying are possible. The total highspeed automation enables a significant increase of productivity.


Reduced rear interference radius: increased space in the area of the hinge

Avoiding collisions: interference detection sensitivity improved (compared to previous model)

Built-in cable storage: optimally protected, neat cable layout preventing cable from getting caught during robot operation



The main technical specifications at a glance:

Type FD-H5(H)
Kinematics   Vertical articulated type
Number of axes 6
Working Range (P-Point) R 866 mm
Max. payload capacity 5 kg
Positional repeatability (*1) +/- 0,05 mm (*1)
Drive System AC Servo Motor
Drive Power 1440 W
Working range  Arm    J1 (Revolving 1) +/- 170°
  J2 (Fore/Back)  -125° ~+ 90°
  J7 (Revolving 2)  -
  J3 (Up/Down)  -140° ~+ 245°
Wrist    J4 (Swing)  +/- 190°
  J5 (Bending)  -30° ~ + 210°
  J6 (Twist)  +/- 360°
Max. Speed  Arm    J1 (Revolving 1)  3,49 rad/s {200°/s}
(2,79 rad/s {160°/s}) (*2)
  J2 (Fore/Back) 3,49 rad/s {200°}
 J7 (Revolving 2) -
  J3 (Up/Down)  4,54 rad/s {260°/s}
Wrist    J4 (Swing)  6,63 rad/s {380°/s}
  J5 (Bending) 6,63 rad/s {380°/s}
  J6 (Twist)  8,90 rad/s {510°/s)
Wrist load  Allowable Moment   J4 (Swing)  11,9 Nm
  J5 (Bending)  11,9 Nm
  J6 (Twist)  5,2 Nm
Allowable Moment of inertia    J4 (Swing)  0,303 kg/m²
  J5 (Bending) 0,303 kg/m²
  J6 (Twist)  0,061 kg/m²
Ambient temperature and humidity 0 ~ 45°C, 20 ~ 80 % RH
(No condensation)
Weight 58 kg
Upper arm payload capacity 1 kg (*7)
Installation type  F, W, C


Notes are marked with *.


Note 1: The value of the positional repeatability is at the tool center point (TCP) compliant to ISO 9283.
Note 2: The value in the parentheses indicates the wall-hung condition. J2 axis may occur the limitation of the working range.
Note 3: There are occasions where restrictions can be made to the operation range of the J2 axis when the wall-hung condition.
Note 4: The operation range of the J3 axis is restricted to -170 degrees to + 180 degrees when floor based welding is applied (In overhead mounting it's a combination of J2 + J3 axis).
Note 5: This is the specification for the case that the coaxial power cable are let into the centrum of J4 and J6 axis. The value given in parentheses presents for other specifications.
Note 6: There are occasions where restrictions can be made to the operation range of the J6 axis, depending on the J5 axis´s posture.
Note 7: Max. Load to the upper shoulder, when loading the max. payload capacity at the end effector.






Other robot models on request.


DownloadCAD Daten



Download the CAD data in 3D for the robot (.step)



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Technical data FD-H5(H)






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