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Multifunctional and safe: compact welding robot cell for workshop operations



Easy Arc 4


Metal construction companies are increasingly looking for practical solutions to solve welding tasks in an uncomplicated way and in a much shorter time. Especially for short runs, systems are now available that reduce monotonous work and deliver high-quality results at the same time. A further advantage: The use of a compact robot system is also economically justifiable in many cases.

The message that only little time is needed for the commissioning and instruction of robot cells has also reached smaller companies. At the end of the day, only the question of equipment, flexibility and safety aspects arises.


With EASYARC, OTC DAIHEN EUROPE has introduced a new compact welding system for workshop operations. The system is equipped with a safety housing, glare protection and a generous opening, which optimally protects the operator against flying sparks and collisions with the robot. In addition, the compact unit can be easily rolled on wheels anywhere in the workshop to the point where it is needed.


Easy Arc 3 Easy Arc 5 


With this solution, OTC not only meets the increased mobility requirements, but also supplies a CE-certified system that takes into account all safety aspects required for operation. This is the first compact system with safety housing available on the market to date. In addition, EasyArc works with a software-supported work area limitation in order to exclude spatial violations of the robot axes from the outset in order to protect the operator.


Easy Arc 6


Easy Arc 9


Easy Arc 7In the basic version, EASYARC is supplied with an FD-B6 OTC arc welding robot that performs all welding tasks and payloads of up to 6 kg at high speed. Another component of the system is a Welbee P400 MIG/MAG welding machine (see figure below), which is practically housed in a rack in the frame. Alternatively, the unit can also be equipped with a water-cooled power source (Welbee P500L).


Easy Arc 7

Easy Arc 1



The housing of the cell is generally designed for workpiece lengths of up to max. 800 mm, but higher payloads of > 6 kg are possible as an option: In this case, OTC installs the FDV8 robot as a further variant, which can accommodate workpieces of up to 8 kg. The DA300 TIG welding machine is the power source.
If this is not enough, the cell is equipped with an additional rotary axis, whereby the housing is also somewhat higher from the outset. Depending on the length and width of the workpiece, the load capacity of this axis type PB250 is up to 250 kg.


Since each cell is equipped with a safety enclosure and aluminium sheet reinforcement, there is no need to worry about protecting the operator in the workshop. In addition, each compact robot unit is equipped with the required table from the outset, which makes further clamping devices unnecessary. Depending on the configuration, each turnkey cell is offered at a fixed price.


EASY ARC Standardzelle



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