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Wire feed system XTEND-ARC

Leaflet XTEND-ARC.pdf


XTEND-ARC is a new wire feeder system which offers the possibility to feed a hose package of up to 12 meters length to the torch. Up to now, such a quantity of wire was out of the question for automated feeding due to friction and mechanical problems. Only through the combination of an intelligent push-pull conveyor system is it now possible to transport such a wire length to the torch.
Synchronization takes place via the pull unit in the torch of the robot and via the push system of the XTEND-ARC wire feed case (see illustration).
The new solution is ideal for overcoming long distances and accessibility. This is particularly beneficial for the construction of vehicles, containers, ships and rail vehicles.

From steel to aluminium, all material wires can be transported via the new conveyor system - above all, the possibility of feeding soft aluminium wires should be mentioned here, which has not yet been possible with any other wire feed case.






Integrated Remote Control Panel

The welding parameter settings and the job calling are integrated in the pull-torch handle. 

Workplace optimization

The combination of standard wire feeder and 12m pull torch optimises travel times at the workplace. 

Stable wire feed

Precise motor control enables excellent wire feeding, even with 0.8 mm AlSi wire and 12 m pull-torch.


Adobe PDF Download the leaflet XTEND-ARC as PDF



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