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Wechsel in der Chefetage

Norihito Takahashi.jpg

Norihito Takahashi (48) took over as CEO of OTC DAIHEN EUROPE GmbH in May this year, replacing his predecessor and namesake, Keitaro Takahashi (59), who held the position for eight years and has now taken on a new role in the senior executive leadership of the group.


The new manager has been with the DAIHEN Corporation for 25 years, and brings a portfolio rich in welding experience to his new position: as an international welding engineer, Takahashi has had many leadership roles within the parent company, was involved in the optimisation and automation processes of in-house manufacturing, and successfully executed welding projects in six different DAIHEN locations in three countries (Japan, China, and Thailand). In the four years before his appointment as CEO, Takahashi was, as division manager for welding and mechatronics business in the DAIHEN Corporation, responsible for all planning and administration.


Takahashi will now be responsible for all European OTC locations, as well as for reaching strategic business objectives, which will mean close collaboration with the management of DAIHEN VARSTROJ.


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