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Rede VarstrojOn august 31st, DAIHEN VARSTROJ (part of the DAIHEN Corporation and sister company to OTC DAIHEN EUROPE Ltd) held an open day for 40 specially selected guests, who enjoyed a full day’s programme. As well as taking part in exclusive live demonstrations, they also had the opportunity to benefit from the exchange of experience and know-how.


As part of the event, DAIHEN VARSTROJ presented a specially developed robotic plasma cutter system, with which metal profiles/metal framworks of lengths up to 12 meters (for pipes up to 5 meters) can be fully automatically fed in, cut (out) and removed again. The most spectacular component of the system was the 6-axis handling robot FD-V20A from OTC, which was used for precision cutting. The demonstration of the underlying programming was also met with considerable interest.



Varstroj 1


Varstroj 2

Images: The parts shown are examples of how metal profiles can be processed with the new system. The plasma cuts were carried out with beveling heads.


Varstroj 3  Varstroj 4 
The open day at the DAIHEN VARSTROJ demo centre was very well attended – it is quite possible that another such event will be held in the future.


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