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MAG torch for steel / stainless steel welding 

The OTC MAG robotic welding torch version with gas and water cooling is equipped with a changeable collar system. This system enables the exchange of the entire torch neck when necessary to reduce downtimes. The anti-collision device is selected to suit the robot type in use; it emphasises the torch’s compact construction and allows optimum component accessibility 


TCC welding torch with compelled contact


Enabeling stable welding through compelled contact of the wire.


TCC prevents the deviation of the wire position

This torch minimizes the deviation of the wire position by about 50 % and more – compared with a standard torch.



Improved durability of the contact conduit 

Compared with a standard contact conduit the durability triples.




TCC-Schweißbrenner mit Zwangskontaktierung


Reliable and stable power supply

Compared with a standard torch the stability and the power supply improves noticibly which enhances the quality of the welding results.


Order system

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Technical specifications 

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Application Pictures




Additional Illustrations 

PDF-icon >> Download list of RT3500S (H,L) components 


PDF-icon >> Download list of RT5000S (H,L) components


PDF-icon >> Download list of RTW5000S(H,L) components


PDF-icon >> Download list of RZ3500S (H,L) components


PDF-icon >> Download list of SSB+SSV (H,L) components