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FD-V6LRoboterVersatile manipulator for all welding applications: FD-V6L

Significant increase of the new welding robot series FD performance: the maximum speeds of the individual axes of the manipulator allow higher productivity. Reliable arc start performance for absolute welding quality and less welding spatter.

Reduced rear interference radius: increased space in the area of the hinge
Avoiding collisions: interference detection sensitivity improved by 40% (compared to previous model)
Built-in cable storage: optimally protected, neat cable layout preventing cable from getting caught during robot operation
New shock sensor torch: no deviation of wire position caused by changes in the posture of robot
Large payload capacity: Up to 6 kg payload for all welding applications




The main technical specifications at a glance:

Number of Axes

Maximum Payload Capacity 6 kg
Maximum Working Range Radius 2,006 mm
Positional Repeatability ± 0,08 mm
Mass (Weight) 280 kg
Driving Capacity 5,000
Installation Method Floor/Wall/Ceilling
Maximum Speed  
Rotation/Lower/Upper Arm Arm J1, J2, J3 [195°/s; 200°/s, 200°/s]
Swing/Bending, Torch Wrist J4, J5 [420°/s]
Twist Wrist J6 [620°/s]


DownloadCAD Daten



Download the CAD data in 3D for the robot (.step)


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Technical data FD-V6L





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